AHPA & FDA encourage best practices for supplement manufacturers

We love news about the natural industry making strides toward self-improvement.  In this case, the natural supplements industry. Read on…

The AHPA (American Herbal Products Association) recently launched a new program designed to inform and educate its members about good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and dietary practices in order to help provide consumers with better quality supplements, and to help protect them from false claims.

The educational program, called “Did You Know”, is a weekly Q&A email sent to AHPA members with links to resources relevant to the manufacturing of dietary supplements.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has implemented this program in the hope of encouraging members to stay informed. By having access to targeted, up-to-date information, program participants will create a closer community and have the ability to produce effective, high-quality products by complying with good manufacturing practices for dietary supplements. Members will also have the ability to submit questions tailored to their area of operation.

With this launch, the American Herbal Products Association is confirming its place as a leader in the industry, and with AHPA members on board, their manufacturing processes will be streamlined and improved. Thus, consumers will directly benefit from the end result: the availability of better herbal supplements on the market.

That’s good news!