Sustainability is our Approach
Some of us shop natural for health reasons, others to help the environment. We don’t think it’s a choice of one or the other, but both – and more. It’s called “sustainability”.

The “Triple Bottom Line
Our approach to sustainable thinking is based on the concept of the “Triple Bottom Line”. It recognizes a wider range than the traditional financial bottom line, including environmental and social values. We strive to understand how our own personal health is tied to our community, our planet, as well as a healthy economy and business prosperity. A smart business knows it cannot thrive in the long run, without honoring its environmental and social responsibilities, and integrating those into smartest business decisions, striving to save both resources and costs. We believe the products and brands we offer tend towards this wider, longer term sustainable thinking as well. We think its important to know as much as we can a bout a product’s manufacturing process, intended use, product life cycle or disposal, and decide for ourselves, its sustainability.


People, Planet & Prosperity

Learn About Products and Standards
You can learn more in our product standards and attributes, glossary and tips on our site: resources we believe help our shoppers make the best choices they can. We also advocate for transparency from our suppliers and brands we carry.

So ask questions; look for products and companies with a history of demonstrated commitment, practices and standards that make sense. The more you know and care, the better we can respond. And if you find products you love, or not, share your thoughts here, or on site in our product reviews.

Find Solutions for Green and Natural Living
These are complicated times.  All of us interested in green and natural living are trying to sort out what feels like a flood of new data – daily, to make the best choices we can. But there’s no wrong or right one answer. Finding solutions can get sort of personal because each of us is motivated by different priorities and values. Is it more important to you to limit additives to your diet, cut your energy consumption or buy recyclable products, with a healthy life cycle and disposal program?

Go ahead, keep us on our toes. We love our job of trying to bring you the best in natural and green choices.