Fall Activities for Kids

By Leah Kaminsky

Of all the seasons, few are as kid-friendly as fall. This is particularly true if, unlike me, you live in a region where fall means more than shifting from soul crushingly hot to pleasantly warm. Here are my top activities for making fall as fun for kids as possible.

Visit a Farm

Nothing says fall quite like loading the kids into the car and heading out to a pumpkin farm or apple orchard. Kids will love the whole adventure, from finding the biggest/strangest/most perfect pumpkin in the patch to standing on tippy toes to grab the reddest apple. And, while you’re there, many enterprising farmers also have added hayrides and corn mazes into the mix. This is an opportune moment to sneak in a lesson about sustainable produce while you’re in and amongst it


Of course, once you get the pumpkins home, the kids will want to start carving them, but there are great baking opportunities for your produce as well. Roasted pumpkin seeds are always a hit, and if you bring home extra pumpkins from the patch, you should have more than enough for your favorite pie, muffin, cake and bread recipes. Apples are also great for similar recipes, as well as apple crisps, crumbles, applesauce, apple butter, jam – you name it! Other fall produce like squash can also be fun to play with and will give kids a better appreciation for the multi-faceted food they’re putting into their bodies.


Image via: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mommyknows/

Fall is pretty much craft time galore. After spending an afternoon jumping in the leaves, have kids pick out their favorite few and turn them into a placemat. Make acorn necklaces, Thanksgiving cards – the list goes on. While there are a number of approaches to take, it’s often most fun and informative to incorporate elements from the natural environment when you can, given how vibrant and giving it is at this time of year.

There are far more fall activities than just this. Do a quick internet search for more, and enjoy the season in all of its cinnamon-y glory!