Taking Steps Towards Greener Living

Wondering how to get started towards a smaller eco-footprint? A more natural lifestyle?  We talk about these things as if we all know – and agree – what they mean.  “Going green” might take on a different meaning for each of us. Contrary to popular myth, going green doesn’t mean you must wear Birkenstocks or dreadlocks. It doesn’t mean you vote one way or another. Some of my best friends and neighbors are of opposing political views. But there’s one unifying issue we all see eye to eye on: wanting to live as healthy and naturally as possible. We shouldn’t make assumptions – what we should do is figure out individually what we want “green” to mean. Is your priority on family’s health? Our planet’s health? Saving your cash resources? Our natural resources? Is it climate change? Whatever motivates you, it’s crucial for you to try and get information from as many sources as possible. Think of me as a little nudge, a helpful friend, but certainly not the authority. There isn’t one single authority anyway. Secondly, prioritize your steps – go for those that are easiest, most cost effective and/or most important to you.   

There are a ton of Top 10 Ways to Go Green lists online. We’ve found some that were too simplistic to be helpful. Others that were overly confusing. So we’ve compiled our own list.  All these ideas could, or should, save you time or money… maybe even the planet. Or at least your small piece of it.

There are 10 key areas I use to organize my thoughts, and efforts, around:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Diet
  • Plastics
  • Shopping & Consumption
  • Garden & Yard
  • Trash (solid waste management)
  • Chemicals
  • Learning

In the coming weeks, I’ll focus on one or two of these areas at a time and share some of my favorite ways to make changes. I’d love to hear yours. Until then, why not test your knowledge on a variety of Green subjects:

National Geographic’s Green Guide Quizzes