Take good care of my baby!

When my kids were babies, I wasn’t as environmentally savvy as I am now. In fact, ten years ago, the green movement was hardly a movement at all. More like a slight twitch. Now, as elementary school-ers, my kids are relatively free to explore their world and all I can do is try and make it as safe for them as possible. But when I see all the green and natural baby products we sell at TheNaturalStore.com, I worry that my kids are worse off because I didn’t know about all the toxins in home cleaners, the potential dangers of BPA and toxic flame-retardants in almost everything.

With all the warnings and dangers we face, especially on baby and children’s products, it’s a wonder a new mom can stay sane. Frantically trying to keep in mind everything she should and shouldn’t do. The products she shouldn’t use. Perhaps even worse, being undecided while the jury’s still out on several big issues.

So what’s a new mom to do?

Well, there are a few things we know for sure:

If I’d had the choice of natural disposable diapers, I would have gone that way. It doesn’t take an expert to tell me I don’t want chlorine touching my baby’s bottom. (Yes, I know I could have used cloth. But I just couldn’t get past dipping poopy diapers in the toilet.) Another “so now you tell me” concept is all-natural bath and body care.  Again, I’m sure these products existed when my children were babies. I just wasn’t cued into that lifestyle yet. When I think of all the fragrance, sulfates, parabens and toxins I smeared on their skin, I could shudder.

Worrying about your newborn’s safety and wanting the best for that little bundle is normal. But it’s up to each of us to decide what’s right for our family. Be warned, it takes more research today than it did a decade ago. A degree in science wouldn’t hurt, either.