Say “I Do” to Planning a “Green” Wedding

By Leah Kaminsky

Weddings don’t just have a big impact on your wallet, they affect the environment, too. If you’re an eco-minded fiancée, here are a few ideas to keep the waste and emissions of your nuptials to a minimum.

Pick a central location.

If you’re like me, you’ve got family and friends spread out all over the world. Think strategically about where you have your wedding, choosing a location that’s central for as many people as possible.

Use local resources.

Wherever you go, draw from local resources. Find in-town caterers who support local, organic farmers. Or, if you grow your own food or flowers, source them right from your garden, leaving meat off the menu. Cut out the global labor and resource chain by finding a seamstress in town to make your dress. Hire in-town staff to reduce the carbon cost of travel emissions.

Embrace the backyard with DYI.

For a hyper-local wedding, hold it right in your backyard. Decorate tables with colorful fruit, or knit your own flowers for a cute, green gift your guests can take home. Another great idea: pick a wedding date when the flowers are sure to be in bloom and forget the florist altogether.

Recycle and repurpose.

From the invitations and thank you cards to the placards on each table, work only with recycled paper. Wear a friend or family member’s old wedding dress, or have a seamstress turn your plain white dress into something spectacular you can wear time and time again. You can even decorate the venue with crafts and sculptures made from recycled materials.

And of course, make sure that the venue is set up for recycling the day of, too.

With these tips in hand, you’re sure to have a fun, green wedding. Congrats!



  • Kate

    Your last point is the best – no matter what kind of wedding you have you can make it green afterwards. The Green Bride Guide has a page with recourses on how to recycle and donate everything. Look in the footer!

  • Angela Fisher

    Hi Kate,

    (Pick One)… I’m working on a similar piece for my web site, focused on Green Baby Shower Ideas.

    I believe, these large social events with friends and family, is a great opportunity to educate one another about our precious planet.

    As I was doing my research for my article, I realized, the great need for simplicity. It’s not a new idea, just a forgotten one. Show people the power to change, with ONE SIMPLE idea.

    For example: When you use an ATM, choose the option: NO RECEIPT. If everyone opted-out of printing their receipt, it would save enough paper rolls to circle the equator,
    15 times * (

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