A Very Green Halloween

Your kids can rest assured: a sustainable Halloween doesn’t have to mean swapping candy for fruit or toothpaste (lame!). There are plenty of fun, easy, eco-friendly ways to get your family as green as a gourd this October 31st. So brush aside those mounds of candy wrappers and green Halloween!

Pairing a good spring-cleaning with autumn is the best way to rid yourself of unsustainable plastic costumes. Link your DIY mentality with the slogan, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” by reimagining what every day objects can do. That old tablecloth could make a great cape, and are you really wearing that colorful poncho you bought several decades ago when you were backpacking through South America?

Consider reusing costumes from past years or hand me downs from other kids. Some cities even run costume swaps, and never forget the power of charity shops. Many costumes share the same base elements, so that ladybug can easily become a turtle with a simple dye job.

Speaking of which, when it comes to hair dye and makeup, try making your own organic vegetable dye and make sure to purchase only natural brands.

Now, what about the candy issue? Try filling your own candy bowl with organic and fair-trade candy or chocolate, and hand out less of it to reduce both tummy aches and the amount of wrappers on the sidewalk. Or you can try getting your neighborhood involved in a reverse trick or treat, where kids hand out cards with information on how to purchase free trade candy for next year.

And hey, if you’re really committed, you can set out recycled toilet paper for teenagers. If they’re going to TP your house, it might as well have a sustainable angle, right?

We wish you a very green Halloween!

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