Leah Kaminsky




Growing up in the hippie haven of Ithaca, NY, I couldn’t help but be a green child. To this day I love spreading the eco-friendly gospel along with the newest research, from tips on making tofu burgers that don’t jiggle to getting down to the nitty gritty energy cost comparisons of electric versus gas-powered cars. When I’m not blogging for the Natural Store, I work both as a Creative Producer at TEDxAustin and as the founder and head writing specialist at an online college and graduate school admissions consultancy, Just Start Applications. But, more than anything, I’m a fiction writer at heart, and devote any drop of spare time to writing short stories, comedy sketches and my very first book. (Okay, there have been a few first books. But this is the first that’s not terrible). I love being on the green team and have already bought about half the store.