Green Ways to Prevent Illness

By Leah Kaminsky

Between the germs your kids bring back from school and those you pick up at work, it’s hard not to feel like illness is inevitable during cold and flu season. And while you can blast your countertops and doorknobs with disinfectant, that’s not the kind of solution that will make my eco-friendly heart sing. So, what can a good old-fashioned greenie do to combat common illnesses?


Help your kids keep colds at bay

Take those everyday solutions and give them an eco-conscious spin.

1.      Wash hands frequently with natural soap. You can kill bacteria without the help of pesticides and chemicals, sulfates and dyes.
2.      Wipe down high-use surfaces frequently with natural disinfectants bought either from a store or homemade.
3.      Create your own hand sanitizer using essential oils and alcohol.
4.      Support your immune system with vitamins. While the actual effectiveness of vitamin C and zinc is still highly debated, they certainly can’t hurt to help support your body’s natural immune response
5.      Eat right. As always, eating healthily is one of the best ways to, well, stay healthy. During seasons when your chances of getting sick are especially high, develop a craving for spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, tea and nuts, which contain everything from vitamin C to antioxidants, phytochemicals, calcium, fiber and healthy fats –known to help prevent disease or simply keep your body strong.
6.      Get off the couch. You know exercise is good for you, but in gearing up for a big battle with your immune system, exercise is really good for you, improving your circulation and lung capacity and getting your body in fighting condition. That said, if you’ve already got a fever, rest is the best option.
7.      Cut back on sugar. The jury is still out on this one, but some people believe sugar and vitamin C are both absorbed by immune cells in the same way, so if you’re overloaded on sugar when your body needs vitamin C’s help, you’ll weaken your immune system’s natural defenses.

In the end, preventing illness the green way is very similar to preventing illness the non-green way. As always, you just have to stay aware and get a little creative.