Earth Day Giveaway!

Let’s continue to celebrate earth day – because we can!

We’re always so inspired by the effort those in our community make to keep their daily habits and environment green and clean. This year’s Earth Day was just another opportunity to celebrate those commitments, but we’re not quite done. Share with us your all time, can’t live without, green and natural product and why it’s so good for our planet! Once you’ve commented, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win a Laundry POD Environmentally Friendly Washing Device, valued at $100!

The POD is a manually operated system for washing clothes. Compact and portable, but stands up tough to laundry. It’s great for camping, college, boating, RV, apartments, and more!

We’ll select a winner Friday April 27th. Good luck, and thanks for sharing with us :)

  • Christy Nather Jeremiah Swartz

    I love seventh generation laundry soap, no chemicals for us or chemicals going back into the water

  • Cyrano

    I love Doctor Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap. It’s fantastic for everything (and great reading material too).

  • debbutterflys

    It has to bee my own garden compost, made right at my home by me

  • Nisha

    I love biokleeen citrus laundry detergent it leaves my families clothing fresh and clean. Diffentiately

  • JanelHalstead31

    I love Neutrogena Natural Face Wash cause I am not putting all those chemicals on my face and it takes good care of my skin. I also love any brand of Eco or fragrance free laundry soap cause it helps keep me itch free.

  • Ibmandy33

    African Shea butter. It’s good for so many things such as for dry skin, rashes, burns, babies and congestion. It’s all natural which is good for me and my family and it also replaces chapsticks and lipbalms. I got mine from fair trade which means my purchase helps families in africa :) it’s a win win all around!

  • meena n

    mine is burts bees products they are just so awesome!!!

  • Susan in Houston

    This sounds fantastic!! I’ve been without my own laundry equipment since relocating to a new townhouse several years ago and this would be perfect! No more tromping up and down the stairs with laundry baskets and rushing to retrieve my clothes before the community laundry room closes! Thanks for the chance to be in the drawing.

  • Nicole

    I have changed to earth-friendly products in my home and am now working on my backyard, including installing a rain barrel, compost pile, and clothes line to dry my clothes. This would make a great addition so I don’t have to use my older washing machine (which uses too much energy).

  • Cundiff2011

    This would be fantastic for my family of four. I have a teenage daughter and a two year old son so everyday is a laundry day! My favorite all natural products are the ones I make myself at home; laundry detergent, tub cleaner, dishwashing liquids, room & linen sprays…the list goes on and on :)

  • Trish Haugen

    I grew up conserving water as I am American Indian and we view water as medicine or blood of the Earth. I have been wishing for a product like this to use in my TIPI. My “all time favorite” product is the respect and attitude my rich culture has blessed me with!

  • James Lindstrom

    Looks like it would be a nice compliment to my composting toilet. Manually operated is the way to go.

    • The Natural Store

      Congratulations James! You’ve been selected as the winner of our Blog Giveaway! Please email us at with your name and Address so we can send you your prize!

  • Eric_amundrud

    I hope this is worth it.

  • Jackie Mousseau

    I use homemade laundry soap as my son has very sensitive skin. I also am slowly making my way to an electric free household.

  • Christy

    My all time favorite “green’ product is just plain old vinegar. I use it to clean with, disinfect and i even use it in the wash cycle with my laundry.

  • Teryn

    this would be my new natural green product I couldn’t live without if I won this! I buy all of our cleaning supplies that are green and natural, as well as often making them from scratch at home, that my two boys help with. This would be a great added product for our household. I love teaching my two young boys about products like these! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Lisa Mccracken

    I love burts bees and seventh generation <3

  • Missy0209

    My most favorite product would have to be Seventh Generation Free and Clear all purpose cleaner. I use it everywhere-including my pet’s stuff. The fact that it has no harsh fumes is fantastic, as my son has asthma.

  • Froggypartyof2

    We have a rain collection barrel- it’s perfect for watering our garden

  • Kristy Elmore

    Looks cool

  • Betty

    I use vinegar and water with a squeeze of lemon juice for cleaning, so much better than caustic chemical sprays and cleaners.

  • Renea Hawk

    Earth Momma Angel Baby Angel Baby Bottom Balm – that stuff is great not only for babies, but for any dry or irritated skin.

  • Lisa McCracken

    I don’t believe my first post was actually posted……I love burt’s bees and seventh generation products.

  • Jane

    So cool – it would be great for camping

  • Christine

    Letting go of using Plastic bags for shopping
    Bring your own or Brown bag it or If available Tote it in boxes, etc Such as in a warehouse type store

  • Michelle

    Bubble and Bee products. They are the most pure and natural products I have ever seen. Their body buttas and lotion sticks are great! I also like Badger Balms

  • Barbara Mayes

    My compost heap!

  • shrew

    oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh another non electric gadget ……..for those little loads that you hate sitting around/;]

  • Tinaswineford

    seventh generation is my favorite and they have everthing you need

  • shrew

    hm don’t know if i got posted…………this is great for the small loads you hate top have sitting..and the non electric is a plus/;]

  • Amanda Lulu

    I can’t live with out Aura Cacia Pure Calming Lavender Essential Oil, it helps me calm down at the end of the day and its a 100% natural product which makes it great for the planet because it doesn’t harm it. :)

  • heather p

    very innovative and enviormently friendly,i would love to own this!!

  • heather p

    my favorite natural products are truly NATURAL,the sun is great for drying clothes natural and saves energy,rain water is great for washing clothes in and watering flowers and the garden

  • kathleen

    seventh generation laundry soap!

  • Niki B.

    Baking soda–I use it for everything from removing bathtub rings to scrubbing my face clean. There are a bunch of uses for it on the back of the box I have now :)

  • Ty

    This would be great for my survivalist kit! I am in love with Seventh Generation’s laundry products.

  • Michelle LeNoir-Rende

    I love my Water HOG, water containment system. It’s mounted to the side of my home and here in my CA community where we only have a few feet of easement between me and then next home, it’s a great feature. Water is so expensive now so I use this water for my garden during the summer months. Next to the containtment system, I also have a bucket collecting water from the HVAC system. I use that water as well!

  • Cindy Greene

    WOW, what a great idea and a fabulous item to have for a single person!

  • Jen S

    I try to compost as much as possible because healthy organisms in the soil prevent detrimental garden bugs so I don’t have to use pesticides.

  • Shaila Blackerby

    Apple Cider Vinegar. You can drink it for aliments and use it to clean your kitchen sink. 😉

  • Olga Ok

    Baking soda, has multi – purpose use : from whitening teeth to cleaning sinks and bathrooms, and baking.

  • Robin Stern

    instead of using nasty sprays when dusting i use an old dryer sheet it picks up all the dust so good!!

  • Jennifer Walker Sammut

    My favorite green product is baking soda. I use it to clean and scour my dishes, tub, shower and so many more areas and things around my home.

  • laki

    Baking soda is non toxic & has so many uses: deodorizer, cleaning, polishing, putting out electrical fires, stain remover, whitener, etc.

  • Michelle Han

    Mrs. Meyer’s is my favorite brand. It is natural and made with essential oils, biodegradable and phosphate-free.

  • Tiqui2787

    oops I meant as (

  • Rastarabbi Seriously the best eco friendly products that no one talks about!

  • Smooch262

    I use a rain barrel to collect water for my garden. I’m not using drinking water which helps to conserve on these resources.

  • Tracey

    We have a barrel that collects water from the gutters. I use the water to water the garden and plants.

  • Zack

    I use baking soda and vinegar to clean my house since it is non toxic.

  • Jessa Madosky

    My solar panel – I leave it in my car when I’m at work and use it to charge my cell phone – I’m a field biologist and it is key when I am in the field as well…handy for me and so much easier on the planet!

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