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Hey, all you seriously green and natural shoppers out there, have we got a hot (as in tropical) deal for you! Have you heard about our sweepstakes – “The natural giveaway to the natural get-away?” 

We’re giving away a free week-long trip for two to la finca caribe, a private, rustic, eco-inn on Puerto Rico’s Vieques Island, dedicated to simple living and sustainable business practices.

la finca is one part funky summer camp, one part tropical wilderness lodge. So, if you enjoy life off the beaten path, simple living, hanging out in the natural environment, peace and quiet, a tropical setting and Latin culture – then this is for you.

It’s a pretty awesome sweepstakes – if I do say so myself. But before I start going on about it, I better disclose all. I’m sort of – actually really very – biased. You already know I work for Well, oddly enough, I’m also the owner/innkeeper of, la finca caribe. My family and I started it 14 years ago, and since then I’ve run it (more or less) remotely from Seattle, until that lucky day when… (that’s another story)

For now let’s just say, as an innkeeper, I love to share it. So when I mentioned this crazy idea to the folks at work, they jumped at it – because so many of our guests at the finca are the same sort of folks who shop natural. So and la finca caribe are natural partners, teaming up to offer our shoppers a week at the finca next year! How cool is that?

The fact is we try to run the finca with as minimal a foot print as possible. We have no TV, AC, or phones in the rooms, use solar hot water in our outdoor showers, avoid chemicals in our natural saltwater pool, line dry the inn’s laundry, recycle and re-use everything we can. And of course we buy our cleaning products, soaps, and laundry supplies from

So, if you’re one of those who like a little adventure; who like to leave behind all the comforts of home when you’re traveling, and you’re interested in the whole notion of eco travel and simple living, then sign up! (But I’m warning you – you’re apt to have a lizard or two dart across your floor)

(And – if you’re wondering why and how a working mother of three in Seattle would choose to buy and run an inn on a nearly undiscovered island in the Caribbean, don’t ask. I’m not even sure I know myself. I usually blame it on the kids. I think my 12 year old (at the time) had a lot to do with it. Now he helps me run it…but then they all do. (Have you noticed how kids are often the ones who expose us to the best and most challenging parts of our lives and selves?) Anyway, all good stuff for another post!)

For now, we’re thinking we know a lot of our shoppers would love to have a chance to experience old world/old school natural Caribbean life, folks who think swinging in a hammock under the stars, is just about as good as it gets. But then…like I said, I’m biased.

So, who knows?  Maybe you’ll be the lucky one. Just Go to our FB page and sign up! Hasta la finca! Viva…