Aluminum Foil Can Do WHAT?

When you envision a dorm room, what do you see on the walls? Posters with witty sayings? How about aluminum foil?

Well, that’s just what I saw nearly eight years ago when I walked into a friend’s room. He called it the spaceship. It was weird, but also so wonderfully warm.

Thanks to a honeycomb structure, aluminum foil is sturdy, light, fire resistant, and highly moldable. That means it’s one of the most versatile materials around, with many surprising applications. And it’s both recyclable and made from recyclable materials, too!

Sure, you know foil is great for grilling veggies, but what about cooking salmon in the dishwasher? Yep, that’s right. Your dishwasher gets hot enough to poach a fish. Just make sure to wrap it several times and leave out the soap so your guests don’t remark, “What a nice detergenty taste.”

Crave a nice grilled cheese sandwich when you’re on the road? Just wrap two slices of bread and cheese in foil and give it a good iron somewhere between that dress and those pants – which, by the way, iron more effectively with a little foil as well. Steam silk or wool, too, by wrapping them in foil and choosing the steam option. Wrinkles, be gone!

Your furniture is a big fan of foil, too. Lay it beneath the legs of a heavy couch to slide it from one carpeted room to the next. Then rap the sides to prevent cats from scratching. Birds also find the reflection of light and crinkly sound utterly distasteful so dangle strips from fruit trees to prevent nibbling.

And the best thing of all about aluminum foil? The way British people pronounce it. Seriously, just give it a try. Al-oo-MIN-ee-yum foil. What will those crazy royals think of next!

So get cooking, ironing or wrapping. Aluminum foil is your surefire way to be sustainable while you do just about anything!

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