We call it “Livin’ the Green”

Welcome to livin’ the green — our new blog! Happy to have you with us as we get started. We’re taking steps towards greener, more natural – healthier living, and I’m guessing, just by being here, you’ve made some similar decisions. Sharing information is what this blog is all about. We want to provide guidance around product labeling and ingredients, as well as share standards and guidelines that can help you make the best sustainable shopping decisions. Clearly, there is no one formula, or one-way to “be green”. But sharing information and committing to learning more is a great place to start!

Livin' the Green

Just Livin' The Green!

We call it “livin’ the green” because it isn’t that we are all trying to do? Live our own dream. And if you are shopping at TheNaturalStore.com I figure your dream most likely includes a natural, greenish hue, or at least a green tinge around the edges. Hopefully we all care about keeping ourselves and this planet in the best shape we can…whatever that looks like —  for each of us.

Picking one photo for our masthead has proven to be just about impossible. What one single image conveys green and natural living? Is it the food we eat? The kids we raise? The bikes we ride? The mountains we climb? The garden we grow? For me – I try to integrate sustainability into just about everything I do. Not to say I always  make the greenest choices. No way. But I do try to be conscious of the impact my choices make. Hence the array of photos, from rural to urban and the suburbs in between; from working and commuting, to farming and taking tropical adventures; we all have choices to make. Which really is why we are doing this. It’s sort of like we can’t help it.

For the last couple of years, here at the office, we’ve been sharing cool bits of info about the green and natural world in emails to the whole company. Folks here seem to have liked getting sustainability tips and new product ideas, or learn just how important it is to turn off their monitors – to save energy over the weekend. So we got the idea to go further with it; turn it into a blog and share it with our loyal customers. Hopefully, that’s you!