Introductions are in Order

Corky and "The Mona Lisa"

So…I guess introductions are in order.  As our Director of Corporate Sustainability, I’m also our chief blogger here at  That means when I’m not blogging, I’m tasked with the interesting job of trying to make our business run as sustainably as possible, from developing our recycling efforts to commute trip reduction programs.

Going green — as they say these days — isn’t anything new to me. I’ve been sort of impassioned (some might say obsessed) about living a more natural lifestyle since the second grade, and when you’re as old as I am, well let’s just say — I’ve been doing this sustainability thing; studying it, making a career out of it, raising my kids with it, for quite a while.

Still, it’s a daunting job, for sure, and one that I would never even attempt to do  – if it wasn’t for the whole team around here, and the incredible energy and smarts they share. We have a Sustainability Task Force as well as our Green Merchandising Team: all kinds of talented, dedicated folks who you’ll be hearing from down the road.

So welcome again! Let’s get started. Together we’ll plow through; answer some questions, raise more and hopefully have some fun – or at least discover a neat new product, or great deal, while we are at it.