Green Jobs

You don’t have to be Kermit the frog to turn your natural green into a career these days. With a host of eco-friendly initiatives making their way down the congressional pipeline, corporations, small businesses, city governments, and even homeowners are scrambling to ready themselves for the new green economy. That’s bad news for big polluters and great news for anyone seeking employment in an industry that employs over 2.7 million workers and has seen explosive growth throughout the recession.

Many industries – especially those that deal in fossil fuels – are urgently seeking Corporate Responsibility Managers to help bring old practices into compliance with new regulations while also heading initiatives in sustainable energy. Local and regional government planners and organizations are employing lawyers, LEED certified architects, designers, energy consultants and civil engineers with green backgrounds to help them plan for a more sustainable future. This means designing better, smarter cities with more extensive public transport networks, a sustainable energy grid, increased parkland, and more funding for green initiatives.

Within these areas there will also be a great need for “green collar” workers to install all of that new green machinery and make it run. Solar panel installers will be in high demand as the use of solar energy spreads, as will wind turbine installers and operators. Vastly expanded transportation networks will call for more drivers and operators, and green factories will require workers for their lines.

As a burgeoning industry, there has never been a better time to get involved in the green industry. You can have a real hand in shaping the direction of our economy, our government, and the way we live. So go green and earn green at the same time!

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