About Us

Helping People Lead Healthier Lives 

For over a decade, our parent company, drugstore.com, has been committed to helping people around the world lead healthier lives – with a strong emphasis on natural products. With that ten-year history and experience, here at TheNaturalStore.com we are dedicated to:

  • offering our customers the largest and best selection of natural and environmentally friendly products online: That means we’re constantly refining and growing our assortment products that can help us all live a little “greener.”
  • sharing our knowledge by giving our shoppers the information that can help them make informed choices about their purchases. We’re committed to offering ongoing sustainability education and resources for our customers and staff members alike. At theNaturalStore.com we believe continued learning is an important step in itself.
  • working towards sustainability throughout our operations. We walk our talk, looking closely at how we do business. We strive to understand and minimize our impact on the natural environment, from how we consume energy and resources in our offices and distribution center, to how we pack and ship your packages.

A Serious Commitment to Going Green
We made a serious commitment to “go green” in 2008. As part of that effort we are among the founding 100 members of the Seattle Climate Partnership and helped found the Eastside Sustainable Business Partnership — a monthly forum for businesses interested in sustainability. From the results of our efforts, we’ve been recognized by Washington State and King County as a “Best Place to Recycle” for the past two years, honored with a regional Diamond Award for success in r employee commute trip reduction program and asked to speak at the University of Washington, Harvard, and the Bainbridge Graduate Institute on Corporate Sustainability.

Established a Sustainability Task Force
We’ve already taken significant first steps.  We have a sustainability director on staff, as well as A Sustainability Task force made up of interested employees who help us with our company-wide green@work initiative. We are measuring our carbon footprint and reducing our commute numbers and energy use. We use only 100% recycled paper and of course – only natural cleaning products. We default to double-sided printing and recycle everything we can.  We no longer use disposable paper and plastic goods in our lunchrooms, and offer healthy option alternatives in our vending machines. We are exploring paper less invoicing, new packaging standards and shipping options with our vendor partners, as well as starting to develop new vendor and procurement guidelines.

Greening our Distribution Center
At our distribution center, we ship with recycled cardboard, use biodegradable plastic air bags. . We choose not to print and distribute product catalogs, and any printing we do is on recycled paper stock. There’s plenty more to be done, but we feel good about the steps we’ve taken towards “going green.

Sustainability is an Evolving Process
We know that trying to live more sustainably is an evolving process. Whether it’s how you care for yourself, clean your home, or sustain and nourish your family, we hope you’ll find products, brands and information that help you, and help the planet. We believe that even small steps taken towards healthier living are important ones. The cumulative effect of many small steps makes real progress towards sustainability, whether we’re at home or at work.